eBook: Automating WAWF for DOD Suppliers

Isn’t WAWF already automated? Maybe you already use WAWF. You type invoice and other information into WAWF and your data appears on computer screens for your government contacts. Money shows up in your bank account. So, your use of WAWF is already automated… right?

Automating WAWFMil-Pac Technology’s eBook explains in plain language how DOD suppliers can benefit from the data automation that large government contractors enjoy.

Mil-Pac’s eBook walks you through the basic steps of starting the WAWF Automation Process. The book provides:

  • Detail on “what is” WAWF Automation
  • Where to start with the process
  • Benefits of what automation can acheive

There is also a case study that takes you through several steps of the automation process – from downloading contract data to RFID data transfer.

Download the free eBook that takes you through the steps of starting the WAWF Automation Process.