DOD UID Data Submission – Best Practices

If you have a UID requirement on your contract, you have to get that UID data to the government.   Which is the best road to take?   You have different options to get UID data to the UID Registry –     The government’s stated preferred method to get end-item UIDs into the UID […]

UID and RFID Data Correlation for WAWF

For Contracts with both UID and RFID requirements, UID-marked parts are placed into RFID-marked exterior containers. And you have to keep track of which specific UID is in which specific RFID. And you can have multiple UIDs in an RFID and multiple RFIDs for a single UID and parts of multiple UIDs in multiple RFIDs. […]

UID Planning – Plan for Change

As you put together your plan to comply with UID requirements for DOD suppliers, it is a good idea to think about the future. The business you are doing now may not be the business you are doing in the future. How will changes in your business affect your UID plan? More or fewer shipments, shipping […]

Receipts/Acceptance Returns to WAWF (formerly iRAPT)

With release 5.12.1, DOD has returned to use of Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) to refer to the web application that provides electronic Receipts and Acceptance,  and Electronic Invoices for shipments into the defense supply chain.  That system had been briefly known as iRAPT. The collection of tools referred to as WAWF during the iRAPT era is now […]

Mil-Pac’s DOD RFID Solution Easily Submits Data to WAWF

Mil-Pac’s Mil-Comply DOD Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solution prints RFID labels and makes the entire process simpler by easily submitting the RFID data to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). [Ramona, February 18, 2014] – Mil-Pac’s Mil-Comply DOD Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solution prints RFID labels and simplifies the entire process through easier data submission to the […]

Military Packaging

Military personnel place their lives in danger daily and ensuring they receive the supplies required to perform their jobs is essential to their survival and our freedom. The military packaging business requires that suppliers stick to very strict guidelines during the supply chain process. In the past, items that failed to meet the rigorous demands […]

Military Packing

Complying with the complex requirements for military packing takes diligence, patience and, surprisingly, technology. Packing supplies for the military takes a keen sense of the requirements, regulations and compliance issues that the military enforces to ensure proper delivery. In the past, suppliers of military supplies relied significantly on manual processes that took large blocks of […]

Mil-Std-129R Simplifies Defense Labeling

Mil-Std-129 Revision R represents some major changes to the bar code label formats currently in use by defense contractors. The DOD’s transition to life cycle management of serialized items with item unique identification (IUID/UID) has driven many of these changes from Mil-Std-129P, Change 4, which Revision R has superseded. There is an upside for defense […]

Automating WAWF (Wide Area Workflow) – What is it?

The first time a caveman discovered that he could use a sharp rock to make marks on a cave wall, he started using a better tool to complete a desired task. Men eventually found that hammer and chisel made better tools to record their thoughts. Pen and paper were later discovered to be a better […]

Why Automate WAWF Transactions?

The Way We’ve ALWAYS Done It … We informally poll DOD suppliers when we discuss WAWF automation with them. Typically they tell us that the same data is entered 5-7 times per shipment, and multiple times for labels on different levels of packaging. Redundant data entry increases costs and likelihood for error. It’s also tedious! Let’s […]