Understanding UID Compliance

Part markings and container labels make efficient military logistics possible. As suppliers, distributors, and end-users rely on the information they see on every package, it is important that the labels are correct and up-to-date. Now with the DOD mandate on unique identification (UID) system well in place, the process becomes easier and more efficient. Some […]

Radio Frequency Identification: Supporting the Warfighter

The Department of Defense has a vast collection of defense equipment and tools, and managing the inventory of these crucial materials is a huge challenge. But despite their ever-increasing inventory, they successfully found effective ways to stay on top of their inventory. In fact, the United States’ first traditional punch cards were a huge help […]

What WAWF Can Do For Your Business

Doing business with government agencies can be complicated. Knowing the necessary steps to take, though, makes the process easier. For one, you need to be familiar with Wide Area Workflow. Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) is a secure web-based application for online invoicing, receipt, and acceptance. It provides government contractors with a convenient way of submitting […]

Automating WAWF (Wide Area Workflow) – What is it?

The first time a caveman discovered that he could use a sharp rock to make marks on a cave wall, he started using a better tool to complete a desired task. Men eventually found that hammer and chisel made better tools to record their thoughts. Pen and paper were later discovered to be a better […]

Why Automate WAWF Transactions?

The Way We’ve ALWAYS Done It … We informally poll DOD suppliers when we discuss WAWF automation with them. Typically they tell us that the same data is entered 5-7 times per shipment, and multiple times for labels on different levels of packaging. Redundant data entry increases costs and likelihood for error. It’s also tedious! Let’s […]

Watch Where You Stick that RFID Tag!

The DOD RFID mandate has two basic parts–tag and report. Tagging is  typically done by applying an RFID adhesive label to shipping containers and pallets. Reporting is done through Wide Area Workflow (and is a topic for different blog article). Knowing how and where to stick the RFID label will help the government read the tag […]

UID Mandate

The DOD’s Unique Identification (UID) initiative is an effort to apply international standards to the goal of uniquely identifying items in the DOD inventory. Serial numbers have long served that purpose, but fail to provide globally unique identification given that any number of manufacturers can use the same serial number. Simply put, UIDs work by […]

About Mil-Pac

Mil-Pac Technology, Inc. develops software that enables suppliers to meet the requirements of defense contract packaging and shipping. Our MIL-Comply software provides integrated solutions for: Mil-Std-129 Labeling RFID Labeling and WAWF Submission UID Labeling and WAWF Submission Automation of WAWF transactions including Receiving Reports, Invoices, RFID, Cost Vouchers, Progress Payments and more Automation of DLA […]

A Practical Look at the RFID Mandate

We are often asked questions pertaining to the Mil-Std-129 RFID requirements and how they are put into practice on the shipping dock.  This article will discuss the  different types of RFID hardware and labels that are required as well as what types of shipping containers require RFID tagging. For more information on label formats, refer to the […]

New Product Release: MIL-Comply MSL

  Mil-Pac Technology Announces Release of New Military Shipping Label (MSL) Software DOD suppliers are able to print labels at no charge with MIL-Comply MSLTM Ramona, CA April 6, 2010 — Mil-Pac Technology, Inc., the leading compliance software provider for defense suppliers, announces the availability of its newest product, MIL-Comply MSL. Department of Defense (DOD) suppliers […]