Mil-Pac’s DOD RFID Solution Easily Submits Data to WAWF

Mil-Pac’s Mil-Comply DOD Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solution prints RFID labels and makes the entire process simpler by easily submitting the RFID data to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). [Ramona, February 18, 2014] – Mil-Pac’s Mil-Comply DOD Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solution prints RFID labels and simplifies the entire process through easier data submission to the […]

RFID Solution

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology transmits data that automates processes in the transportation and logistics industry. The Department of Defense utilizes this technology to track shipments dispatched by suppliers. RFID solutions include a range of hardware and software technologies that ease the tracking process and ensure accuracy and value through a streamlined delivery process. Suppliers and […]

RFID Systems

RFID systems use radio-frequency identification technology to allow tracking shipments and collecting important data a much simpler process. The Department of Defense requires that suppliers use RFID technology to submit shipping information to the supply depots electronically. Suppliers have multiple options when selecting a method for entering the required information. Using RFID systems can streamline […]

RFID Companies

RFID companies offer a range of solutions designed to help suppliers comply with specific regulations and manage their most important assets. The supply chain management, transportation and logistics industries have undergone many positive changes due to advances in technology, including Radio Frequency Identification. Today, RFID companies design and deploy hardware and software solutions that meet […]

RFID: Increasing Efficiency in Logistics

Acronyms may be the most intimidating things in the world. After all, nothing says “this is an important thing you should know about” than an acronym. This is an unfortunate attitude considering that acronyms exist to make things simpler to understand. An important example of this is RFID, the use of radio frequency identification to […]

RFID Compliance Deadline for DLA Suppliers

DOD RFID Compliance deadline was October 1, 2011. DLA Notice published July 15, 2011: “ATTENTION DLA SUPPLIER – Important information regarding Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Effective OCTOBER 1, 2011, all non-compliant passive RFID shipments will result in a negative impact to suppliers past performance history. RFID tags are required for DLA direct shipments (shipments for stock to […]

Watch Where You Stick that RFID Tag!

The DOD RFID mandate has two basic parts–tag and report. Tagging is  typically done by applying an RFID adhesive label to shipping containers and pallets. Reporting is done through Wide Area Workflow (and is a topic for different blog article). Knowing how and where to stick the RFID label will help the government read the tag […]

RFID Mandate

The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Mandate is a DOD initiative that allows it to more efficiently processes supplies that arrive at its depots. As a replacement for scanning barcode labels, RFID provides a fast, hands-off approach that is far more accurate. To make RFID work as a replacement for barcode labels contractors provide the DOD […]

A Practical Look at the RFID Mandate

We are often asked questions pertaining to the Mil-Std-129 RFID requirements and how they are put into practice on the shipping dock.  This article will discuss the  different types of RFID hardware and labels that are required as well as what types of shipping containers require RFID tagging. For more information on label formats, refer to the […]

Sub-Contractors Can Submit RFID Data to WAWF

It is not always feasible for the Department of Defense (DOD) Prime Contractor to submit Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) data to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). When product packaging and shipping is performed by a sub-contractor it usually makes more sense for the sub-contractor to also submit the related RFID data to WAWF. This article discusses […]